Attention Severe Back and Neck Pain Sufferers!

Synergy Therapeutic Group

Southern Illinois's Best Kept Secret 

We are a non-invasive, drug free, pain expert. Our back/neck pain program has been referred to as a miracle!

Even If You Have Lost All Hope.

* We accept most commercial insurance as well as Medicare. In most cases, a referral is not necessary. 

Attention Severe Back and Neck Pain Sufferers!

Southern Illinois's Best Kept Secret

We are a non-invasive, drug free, pain expert. Our back/neck program has been referred to as as miracle! 

Even if You Have Lost all Hope.

*We accept most commercial insurances as well as Medicare. In most cases, a referral is not necessary. 

Who is the  Synergy Method  for?

The Synergy​ Method for Back/Neck pain​ is​ neither a wishlist nor a miracle. It is knowledge and skill producing real results. No excuses. This program is for​ anyone​ suffering​ with​ Disc problems, sciatica, stenosis or Back pain​ who​ is​ looking​ to​ feel normal​ again​ without invasive procedures, lifelong medication or surgery. Are you ready to get your life and mobility back? Book an Appointment today and our front office staff will contact you with details. 

What is the Synergy Method?

We take an individualized approach to crafting care. We first evaluate every person who comes in. We look at their specific problems and needs and we cater a plan of care to the person. 


 Pain is not one size fits all so why should treatment be? 



We use non-surgical, non-invasive and drug-free methods of evidence-based physical therapy to reduce pain and inflammation immediately. Then we work in partnership with you to help you address the root cause of the pain. And prevent it from recurring.


Patients generally realize within the first week of treatment that our technique is effective in decreasing back and neck pain and other symptoms. As pain decreases and function begins to return, we educate patients in a lifelong preventive and restorative exercise program to improve flexibility, strength, lifting ability and endurance levels. Enhancement of personal and professional life generally follows as a result. We work hand in hand with your physician throughout your treatment. 


Our philosophy of individualized care in physical therapy and occupational therapy at our Southern Illinois locations is reflected in the name we selected for our clinics. We work with you and your doctor to get your mind and body in sync so that we can relieve your pain and fix the underlying issues. 


Are You Ready to Get Back to Normal, Naturally?

Meet Our Therapy Team!

Chandana Dash

OTR/L, Co-owner

Chandana Dash is a co-owner of Synergy Therapeutic Group and a graduate from the Occupational Therapy program from the National Institute for Orthopedically Handicapped in Calcutta, India. She is a pediatric occupational therapy specialist and has a wide range skill set for treating the pediatric population.

Subrat Bahinipati

PT, Co-owner

Subrat Bahinipati( Physical Therapist), a teacher, author, speaker has more than 30 years of experience in traditional and non-traditional physical therapy. Subrat  is an authority in treating musculoskeletal conditions like back, neck and shoulder, as well as chronic pain in all patients, but especially women. He is a non invasive, drug free pain expert and creator of the Synergy Method.

Claire Bernhardt


Shaydie Russell


Faith Grant



Success Stories!

Ida M.

When I came here I had been on muscle relaxers plus pain meds. I could not move my arm and was in screaming pain. I could not sleep, due to the pain and throbbing in my shoulder and arm all the way to my wrist. I tried sleeping maybe an hour at a time in a recliner but was uncomfortable.


Then I cam here (Synergy) and the most amazing thing happened. I was treated and the pain level went down. The amazing part was the treatment did not hurt! After treatment I was able to sleep again with no pain! This place is amazing!

Larry W.

First of all my age is 64. I had a history of very hard work, physical plumber/pipe fitter, working on all types-power plants. Last job was at Aisin. I had loss of movement. Now started with Synergy, movement has increased!

Marilyn H.

I am going to Synergy. I got where I could hardly walk again. I was staying home again all the time and not going to church. I am taking laser treatments now and doing much better. Unbelievable what they can do for you. Doctor said I needed an operation. I didn’t want that at my age.


So thankful I came back here. I am doing my work again and almost everything that I use to do. Thank you Synergy and thank you Claire.  I was ready to hire a house keeper but now, thank God, I am doing it myself. I’m even able to go on short trips and work outside trimming bushes.

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